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Mary Wisniewski grew up on a dirt road in the suburbs of Detroit and currently lives in LA and NY with a maltipoo, a record player and an espresso machine. She likes to read and talk to strangers.

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Dealers That Face a Franchise Face a Rough Rebirth as an Independent

"Whacked" is one way Art Laws describes himself.


Even with Exemption, Dealers Will Likely Be Ensnared by the CFPB

Though most auto dealerships scored an exemption from financial reform oversight, the likelihood of feeling the new law's impact remains acute for F&I departments across the nation.


Question Marks Surround Bidders' Salvage Auction Intentions

Necessity is persuading dealers to buy vehicles that insurance companies and consumers have deemed trash.


SBA Readies a Second Floorplan Program After a Less-Than-Successful Effort to Date

When the U.S. Small Business Administration debuted its vehicle inventory loan program for dealers in the summer of 2009, the federal agency called
the president of Magnum Finance Inc. to gauge his interest in it. At the time, the SBA’s program, dubbed the Dealer Floorplan Pilot(DFP), provided 75% government-guaranteed loans to finance as much as $2 million of titled inventory.


Shortage of Used Cars Fuels Auto Buyers' Plight

If the auto industry had a theme song for this past year, it would be The Temptations' "Ball of Confusion," says Harry Seretti, a car buyer for a Pennsylvania dealership.


Toyota Recalls Pose Little Risk to Wholesale, Residual Values

Compliments of the millions of Toyota vehicles recalled since January, Central Auto Auction had noticed downward pressure on Toyota's models for many weeks. But that tension has already melted away with the snow.