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Mary Wisniewski grew up on a dirt road in the suburbs of Detroit and currently lives in LA and NY with a maltipoo, a record player and an espresso machine. She likes to read and talk to strangers.

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Who's That Bride

love-struck groom has figured out what makes the woman he wants to marry tick, but what about jewelers? Retailers who want to close the bridal deal and launch a lifelong relationship with their customer should get to know the bride.


The Chill Factor

Large, lengthy coats; colored, textured tights; and boots, scarves and hats of different varieties may all stylishly prevent frostbite, but the layered looks of winter can also make it difficult for jewelry to stand out.


Artifact Jewelry Proves What's Old is Edgy -- and Full of Romance

In a fickle fashion world that swiftly outs the old to bring in the new, it's nice to know that jewelry designers don't live by the same credo.


Cartier Brings Salon Culture to Bridal Business

Bridezillas across North America can settle down --at least when it comes to jewelry.


Ciao, Bella

The January 2008 Vicenza Fair's aptly renamed jewelry exhibition "First" is the first show of the year to set the guidelines for style, trends and taste as international jewelry buyers make the voyage to northern Italy to discover what will be hot in the months to come.


Designers Find Their Lab-Grown Diamond Grove

Although the entire world hasn't embraced lab-grown diamonds--a rift reflected in the ongoing semantic war on whether to call them "synthetic" or "cultured"-- designers have warmed to the manmade stones and are starting to use them in their collections.


Designers Stick Their Necklaces at Fashion Week

Fashion is indicative of the times, and with the headlines portending a tough year ahead, expect a departure from the predominant baby-doll look and a return to grown-up chic next autumn.


Everyone in the Pool!

On a recent sunny Saturday afternoon in Miami, Fla., TAG Heuer and its brand ambassador Maria Sharapova proved sporty and glamorous can gracefully co-exist as they presented the brand's latest timepieces poolside at the Four Seasons.


Gemstone Dealers Urge Caution on Burmese Ruby Ban

Although jewelry industry groups have universally condemned the violence in Myanmar, some colored gemstone dealers say the call for a full U.S. ban on Burmese rubies is premature.


Gold Prices Create a Divided Market

The higher price of gold has created a two-tiered jewelry market in the United States, finds the latest World Gold Council (WGC) world.


Impressions of a New Fashion Editor

A man with gray hair sashays by me in a purple plaid suit and matching cap. No one blinks, except for me, thinking he might break out into a song and dance number.


'Jacob the Jeweler' Pleads Guilty to Falsifying Records, Could Face Prison Time

Jacob Arabov, known among his celebrity clients as "Jacob the Jeweler," was scheduled to go to court by the end of the year in a case that had the celebrity jeweler getting the type of headlines no company wants.


JA Survey Reveals 4.1 Median Sales Hike in '06

Despite the ups and downs of the economy, all retail categories saw sales growth in 2006, with high-end retailers faring better than the rest, according to Jewelers of America's (JA) 2007 Cost of Doing Business Survey.


Jewelry Makes a Quiet Entry at New York Fashion Week

Models strutted down the catwalks at the 2008 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City wearing clothing that broke new ground in apparel, but when it came to the jewelry trends, there were a number of holdovers from 2007.


Manfredi, a Refuge in Manhattan

Coming from California, I'm used to even the fanciest of stores maintaining a laid-back feel, and now that I live in the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn, I find the stores have a similar quality.