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Mary Wisniewski grew up on a dirt road in the suburbs of Detroit and currently lives in LA and NY with a maltipoo, a record player and an espresso machine. She likes to read and talk to strangers.

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6 Finovate Demo-ers That Promise New Products | Bank Innovation

Aug 17, 2012 ... By Mary Wisniewski. Of the 20 companies Finovate leaked in a blog post this week, six...


Out of Line: Can Pre-Ordering Work in Banking?

Wanting to stand in line is akin to wanting to get stabbed. In the eye.


TD Follows the Tablet | Bank Innovation

Feb 22, 2011 ... By Mary Wisniewski. What do consumers want? It depends on the day and who is asking....


The Break-Up

For ending an eight-year relationship, I imagined a little drama, a little regret. But the reality of closing my checking account today wit


Bank Innovation's Wish List: Better Coupons

All I want for the holidays from my lender are better coupons.


Banks, Learn from Netflix's Mistake

Banks can learn a lesson from Netflix's recent massive misstep in losing touch with its customers.


BI2012: How to Develop Ideas at Banks and Startups

SAN FRANCISCO — We all have issues, but financial services players have a lot -- including coming up with ways to remedy their problems.


Great [Mobile Banking] Expectations

If you give a mouse a cookie, he will want a glass of milk. True of mice. True of mobile banking customers, especially as their phone habits change.

“There has been almost a revolution in what people are doing on their mobile phones and how much time they spend on their phones,” Arah Erickson, who heads retail mobile banking at Wells Fargo, tells Bank Innovation.


How Banks Can Preemptively ‘Figure Out’ a Customer’s Problems

Unless you’re in my inner circle or are Amazon, you probably
won’t anticipate my needs.
That’s because I’m reticent to talk about what I want — part confusion, part insecurity, part growing up on a dirt road
in the Midwest. But even with my lips usually locked, banks and card issuers have my transaction data to help
determine what I’m seeking, even when I’m not articulating those needs. That’s power.


In Digital Age, Credit Card Companies Look Beyond Payments

hough new consumer data sources born from technology advances are igniting the payments revolution, they are also igniting the transformation of commerce, and the latter movement is what's really intriguing to major credit card companies. What this means is that the value of payments, in and of themselves, is diminishing for credit card companies.


In Digital Wallets, Payments Matter -- Get Ready -- Least

BOCA RATON, Fla. — And you thought digital wallets were all about payments.


Monitise Makes Good Match with Clairmail

Two is better than one, especially when the companies come from different regions.


My Almost FI Fairy Godmother

You know it's a good day when someone tells you that your wish has almost been granted.


Oops!...BofA Did It Again

Pay to pay for things?

Though that concept was smashed down by consumers nationwide months ago, now Bank of America Corp. has made headlines once again by toying and testing the idea of charging some of its customers fees for having checking accounts.


Shopping Discounts: Issuers Give Consumers Reasons to Swipe

Isssuers are striving to find creative ways to help consumers save while they shop to stay top of wallet.