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Mary Wisniewski grew up on a dirt road in the suburbs of Detroit and currently lives in LA and NY with a maltipoo, a record player and an espresso machine. She likes to read and talk to strangers.

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Auto Finance News

Case Study: Of the Org Chart and the Crisis

To quote singer Tom Verlaine, "You have to have that organizational principle behind the song."

That same logic applies to auto lenders, whose success lies, in part, with a solid who-reports-to-whom waterfall and clear mandates for each employee. With lenders, unlike with songs, that organizational principle need not change with the ebb and flow of the times. Indeed, auto lenders have made few top management shifts throughout the Great Recession; instead, they have executed changes further down the corporate chain to stay solvent. With such finesses, lenders say they are now are poised for growth. says Young. He notes this reduction somewhat influenced top management’s responsibilities, too, but “more in response to having a lean organization” rather than shifting priorities across departments.

Auto Finance News

Empire Falls: The Spectacular Flameout of Denny Hecker and How Floorplan FInancing Played a Key Role

Snowmobiles, scooters, pontoons, jet skis and a litany of golf products ranging from a Big Bertha Gold iron to a golf cart were some of the goods up for grabs. This could be any number of auctions for any number of reasons in Minnesota, but more than just sporting good enthusiasts abounded at the Aug. 19 event. The name attached to the wares was Denny Hecker, the fallen auto mogul who was using the auction's proceeds to pay off some of his creditors. And just how much cash did he need to come up? How about $797 million.